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Terp 57

This book is unlike most of the same old, same old financial advice books. It put things into real life perspectives and truly represented what a real financial plan encompasses. That it is not about each independent decision you make, but about how each decision you make effects all of your other decisions, and they need to be coordinated with each other to be able to reach your true financial potential. I like how the book is broken out so that you can follow the process in a certain order and it starts out by making you really find your “Why” behind money. I have read many financial books but this one provided me a purpose behind my money along with different ways of looking at how I can multiply it efficiently besides just turning up the risk dial to gain return. Being that the book is an easy read I will be reading it a second time and taking notes this time to be able to put its lessons in action. Kudos to the author for finally providing financial information that is not only entertaining and easy to follow along, but covers all aspects of your life. You will find out when the Budweiser truck hits you, read the book to know what I am talking about.