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“A refreshing and straightforward read that provides an alternative perspective to how wealth is generated, protected and kept. Reminds me of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” but for our current generation…a book your kids should read as well.”


“Take control of your financial future. Stop listening to the noise and take real steps to get yourself on the right path and stay there. This book gives you the play by play to take your finances to the next level. Very helpful read.”

Anne M Thomas

“SIncredibly insightful! I look forward to putting these strategies into action.!”

Tom Cudahy

“Scott’s approach has helped countless people. This is a must read!”

Kristina Rodriguez

“I had been waiting for this book to come out for a long time. This book really helps me think outside if the box not only with finances but life as well. It is a quick and easy read full of interesting ideas and concepts. I highly recommend reading this book for yourself and giving this book as a gift to your friends and family.”

Amanda Hauser

“Process over emotions!!! A clear and precise way to start to look at finances that I can apply today! And the stories make it real to me as well. Ready to hack my future today!!!”